We can encourage the mention of our putting ourselves in contact with a related topic blogs to seo training packages ours and inform you of an event, promotion, etc. That you might be interested in your blog post with a link to our website. But watch on becoming SPAM. We must always ensure quality in what we share. For years that PageRank is no longer considered a valid indicator of the relevance of a website to Google, but so far seo services had no other indicator to replace him. However, with the boom of social networks and the latest algorithm Google Panda and Google Penguin, it has started talking about AuhorRank, AgentRank and SocialRank as substitutes PageRank. They look like one of the SEO trends for.
Let's see what are and how we can adapt these trends to our SEO strategy. SocialRank is an algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to each publication of a social network, in relation to the behavior of other network users. For example, when we seo services publish an entry from a website, the Social Rank simple measures indicators such as tweets, re tweets, Medusa, +, comments or complex and calculated as the influence, relevance, visibility, viral, indicators etc. and on this basis it will score the relevance of our website. AuthorRank Content is king and to measure the quality of seo services such content Google takes the reference author of that content. Every author has a few degrees of reputation that punctuate the web and that affect seo services search results. It is important, from now on, identify the authorship of the contents if we want to be recognized.
We can do it using the rel= author and/ or linking the articles we write from our profile Google +. AgentRank is related to the AuthorRank. Multiple authors can publish content in a single web and at the same time, one author can publish several sites. The Agent Rank is a digital signature in which the authors individually receive a series of seo services scores that will benefit the web or websites where they post their content. In Spain, Google is the search engine chosen by of users, so when optimizing for natural positioning, we consider the guidelines of Google to get a good position in the ranking. Little or no thought about other search engines when optimizing our websites. However, it is still interesting to put the look on a search engine like Bing for various reasons.
Generate traffic we might call long tail, in traffic without being the bulk of our visits seo training packages itself is a very interesting percentage for relevant terms. Unify searches Bing and Yahoo as the results of the latter are Powered by Bing. Thereby optimizing for Bing have two in one. Bing is the search engine linked to Facebook, which seo training packages derives view here many searches for him. No one seo services is King forever, so we should not lose sight of competition from Google. Internet things change very quickly, and although it looks like Google will continue on the crest for a few more years old, no one can say that one day Bing can not become strong competition and go gaining ground in terms of searches. For all these reasons, it is advisable to also optimize Bing rolling his eyes.
In addition, the guidelines are not that different and, while we optimize for Google, Yahoo and Bing. The first thing to do is give us high in the Bing Webmaster Center and submit our sitemap, just as we do with Google Webmaster tools. We've talked about this tool ever. The truth is that highly recommended by the technical information you provide on our website or blog. Another important thing to consider, and differentiates Bing optimization of Google, it is the use of meta keywords. We know for years that Google has stopped giving SEO value and many have chosen not to integrate them in the head.